Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Britney Spears Kissing Madonna Video

Britney Spears kissing Madonna Video was controversial and made many tongues wag. Check out Madonna passionately giving a tongue kiss to the beautiful Britney Spears

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Download hot kissing 101 video, video clipping of french kissing for your mobile phone

Download a hot sensuous clipping of french kissing for your mobile phone. Download the hot French Kissing 101 video The French Kissing video is really arousing, beautiful and interesting. This video was shot for an advertisement but is easily one of the most beautiful and sexy French kissing video one has seen.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What you will not find in Kissing 101

There are a lot of perceptions which men and women have with regards to kissing and they differ among sexes. Also they differ according to your mood, your culture and environment that you are brought up. But it is a fact that everyone loves to be kissed. But the lucky one is the one who kisses like a dream and the luckier one is the one who is kissed in the most ravishing manner possible. Kissing 101 tells you how to get lucky with kissing. Kissing techniques play a prominent role whether it is your first move or if it a kiss that you give post lovemaking. Powerful kissing techniques and French kissing secrets are described in full detail vividly in text and also in 80 full color illustrations in Kissing 101. Kissing 101 also talks about the erogenous zones in the body which can be heightened by the right kisses and kissing techniques.

To put it bluntly, Kissing 101 is not into ball talk, nor does it talk about poetic love. Unlike other books on kissing, it does not go into flowery expressions of love and deviate from the topic. In any case, all the sensitivity and romance can go out of the window, if you prove to be shabby kisser. Of course, the lady will care for you, love you and find you endearing, but won’t be crazy for you. To sweep a woman off her feet, and make her go into a pleasurable trance, you need to be a master lover which is possible if you are a kissing sensation. Kissing 101 shows you can be one.

I kissed my Jessica Biel

I am a reserved kind of guy employed in a software concern doing well for myself. I am usually working with my computers and stuff, and do not have much time for women. Gee..that is a lie. In fact, I love women but somehow I do not muster the courage to talk as effortlessly as I see the other guys do it. However the good news was that I had befriended the secretary of my boss, Angela, a sensational woman with eyes like that of Jessica Biel and a butt which comes closer to her could pass of as her twin.

The Jessica Biel lookalike was in no way going to be mine, considering that she was never short of admirers, but somehow the girl took fancy to me and found me different from others. She found me to be on the cutie teddy bear, but women don't sleep around with teddy bears. So my chances of hitting it off with my Jessica Biel was nought. But soon enough we became friends and she was one of the very few women I had been close to, the rest being my mom and sister. Once Angela messaged me to come on over to her house as she had just moved in to a new apartment near mine. I went in and though she was in the process of shifting things, Angela looked really beautiful and I must say seduce-worthy. We sat on the sofa amidst suitcases and luggage lying awkwardly around us. Quite an unwelcome setting to settle in for a kiss. I complimented on her hair as she blushed. I caressed her hair softly and brought my lips closer to her ears to whisper something. I was no more tensed up, and with the ease of a smooth operator kissed her. Though a bit shaken in the start, Angela joined in and what happened is both unmentionably exciting and pleasant. After we were done with, Angela naughtily smiled and told me that she never knew that there was a naughty, wild lover hiding inside me. Angela still compliments me and goes berserk on my kissing techniques. But there is only one person I can thank enough, Michelle Penney, the author of Kissing 101.

I had downloaded Kissing 101 line and after I had read the book, I underwent a transformation, I became a new ME. I changed a lot of my perceptions and grew in confidence. Angela was not someone to be scared of, but a person to shower love upon. Kissing 101 has surged my confidence, diminished my doubt, worry and fear; and made me feel like a Kissing Sensation. Angela now raves about my kissing. But I am not telling Angela about Kissing 101. Or should I?

Why Kissing 101 is the best!

Does the woman of your dream give you sleepless nights? Do you want to hug her, kiss her and kiss her some more as you take her into your arms and make love? She may be a colleague at work, she may be your tutor, she may be your neighbor, she may be your landlord, she may be your crush or she may be just a close friend you want to get ‘closer’ to. Here’s a secret, every woman in the world loves to be ravished by kisses. There is no girl worth a salt who wouldn’t love to be kissed. The same goes for your dream girl. She too craves to be kissed, loved and desired. But how do you create the right mood for her, how do you charm her before she puckers up for you! How do you create that bitter sweet longing in the woman…to kiss and to be kissed! Kissing is an art which has to be perfected. Kissing 101 provides the right answer. The book written by Michelle Penney, Kissing 101 is a quality product that rises above just the mere techniques of kissing. More than kissing, what are important is to know how to create the right scene, how to mentally charm a lady into feeling comfortable in your presence, and how to let the lady feel beautiful in your charisma.

Can you imagine you can flatter, impress and ravish a woman with different types of kisses? There is a huge world of kisses waited to be explored, and most of them need to have the right ‘timing’ and the right ‘moment’. Such ‘intangible’ things of how and when to make the right move to make the kiss look like a transition rather than an interruption is neatly described in Kissing 101. Apart from the eBook, Kissing 101 has four free super bonus offers which include information on how to overcome your shyness while dating, how to be a master kisser, an audio course on managing your etiquette and also an email consultation where all your relationship problems are sought to be resolved by Michelle Penney. Kissing 101 is an amazingly good buy for anyone who loves to kissing, enjoys kissing and wants to know more about kissing. Priced at a modest $19.95, Kissing 101 has a look in period of 8 weeks which means in case you are not satisfied with the product, you can send an email to Michelle Penney and Kissing 101 will refund the entire amount, no questions asked.

Kissing 101 review, review on Kissing 101

Kissing 101 is your complete guide to kissing tips and techniques. Kissing 101 a fantastic program on kissing written by Michelle Penney talks about the most pleasurable thing known to man (and to woman of course) kissing. For a woman especially kissing is the most intimate form of expression of love, more precious than sex. There are different techniques and types of kissing which are laid bare in Kissing 101. The book suits everyone be it a first time kisser, a person who is apprehensive about doing it right, a person who is actually doing it right-Kissing 101 has certain things which Michelle naughtily calls “insider secrets” which every lover can benefit from.
Usually books on kissing and making love are more preachy and beating around the bush(no pun intended!) then zeroing on to the point. Thankfully Kissing 101 does not head the vague way but lip locks to the point. There is more substance here, more informative and practicably feasible content. For those who thinking kissing is not such a big deal; let me tell you that kissing is like a key which can open the treasure box. So there is no way you can undermine the most pleasurable act of love. And if you can be the best at kissing, there is nothing like it.

Kissing 101 gives you information on how to build the perfect setting for a kiss, how to mentally seduce or charm a girl/boy with your charisma. Kissing 101 shows that a pleasurable kiss can be enhanced by the right scenario, the right mood and the right chemistry that you create with a person. Additionally Kissing 101 has 80 full color illustrations which show how to kiss your girl step by step in the most appealing manner. For the price of $19.95, the book is quite a steal. In the rare case, which I doubt, the book does not live up to your expectations, you can return the book anytime within 56 days days from the time you buy the book and the money will be refunded, no questions asked.. In addition, there are four bonuses given absolutely free along with Kissing 101: how to overcome shyness while dating, how to be an extraordinarily good kisser, an audio course on how to be a better you and a personal email consultation where Michelle Penney will answer you on all your relationship and dating problems.

So far, we talked about the good points of Kissing 101. But does kissing 101 suck at times? Is Kissing 101 bad? Are there any glitches? The only thing which is debatable about Kissing 101 is that it is a book meant to be just what it is: a book on kissing. Call it the kissing bible or the kissing encyclopedia or a kissing self-help, Kissing 101 stays within the limits of how to create the right chemistry with a person to kiss him/ her, how to sweep them off their feet with your kisses and how to turn on the sizzle with your lips. So if you are looking for a three course menu on sex, kissing 101 is not for you. But if you are looking for the key to the treasure, then kissing 101 is worth its weight in gold. Remember if you have the key, the treasure is yours!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Moms are missing out on the protein!

Ask a 30s ' something married mom, how often she has a quick roll in the hay? You will get a blank stare. The sexy mom is so involved in : a. getting her child understand prime factors and such other devils, b. socializing, c. staying calorie free, that there is simply no time for horizontal positioning.

After the sexy mom has helped her little child with her homework and distractedly narrated them bed time story to put them to sleep, she remembers that she has to catch on her favorite TV program/go to a party/ wash dishes/work on her laptop. After attending to one of these or some of these, her mental battery is drained. But isn't she horny? Well may be; by the time she gets on to her bedroom, she has company. A perennially wailing baby has an urgent issue to be taken care of, an older child wants to curl up to mom because she fears being alone in the middle of the night. Ah, the cutie whom she married ten years ago snores heavily, and sports garlic bread breath. Every night she get to witness the same big bulge rising proudly out of his body-his beer belly!

Hey, didnt you know that women peaked sexually and looked their ripest in their 30s? Forget it. The microwave is there but there is simply no electricity. We asked a handful of sexy moms one standard question: Do you have sex?
Sexy mom 1: Only with my husband to have kids. I love kids, you see!(If there was any other method to make kids, she would have done it..The act of sex is not relevant)
Sexy mom2: Sex is such an over-rated thing. Also it is too personal too comment(Good thing, but if you are happily married, wouldnt you have said a simple 'yes')
Sexy mom3 : I love chocolates( er........may be you get the same pleasure, but what about the cuddles, hugs and friction?)
Sex mom 4: Are you sure you want me to open the can of worms? (That explains it!)
Sexy mom 5: What is sex? Now if you can leave me, I have to get busy with the school fun fair.

One mother of two who lives in a joint family has said that there is a direct co-relation between her mother-in-law problems and her orgasms. "If you don't please mother-in-law, then somewhere within the husband is so hurt and angry that he won't perform!" It is a thing which is quite visible. After the first anniversary or less, sex is no longer a ecstatic ride, but a momentary fizzle which dies down before you even say "hmmmm!" There are no tube baths, no special dinners, no caviar,-just a groaning two-minute noodle. Man gets off, woman gets nothing.

For most of the women, it is the day's work that takes its toll. By the time, you have reached home, you want to get hooked on to your TV. When it is time to go bed, you see your cutie snoring away or working at his computer. He is either sleeping like a log or working too hard. You just wished he did some hard work on you! Oh, forget it! You would rather get your share of beauty sleep because you have to get up early so that you send your kids to the bus-stop on time.

It is a really tragic state of affair when a married woman has to put her sex-life on the backburner. Sexual satisfaction is deeply linked to the state of good-health. It is one of the best stress busters GOD has given. Plus, you do not have to spend a bomb in a spa. You can get the same pleasure from your partner. How can you neglect something which is healthy and pleasurable! A steady and satisfying sexlife with your partner can not only boost your immunity but also keep your face glowing. Also, how on earth can you look sexy and healthy, unless you are getting your share of protein diet? We are not talking about fish and shakes here!

Loss of libido is a problem which is prevalent in every corner of the world. Let's not give up on something which can be of a lot of help and fun to us. Here are some steps by which you can fire up your libido and make sure your husband contributes his generous bit to keep the lovemaking frenzy alive:

1. Move the television out of your room. If you dont want to, make sure you play some sexy erotica which turns you on and makes you forget the worries of the world.

2. When the clock strikes 8 in the evening, do not talk about school politics. Talk about things like how your son's mother is such a manipulator only during breakfast hours.

3. Behave like love-struck teenagers. It is easy if you give it a try. Play hide and seek games with your husband. Make sure you eat strawberries and icecreams in bed with your husband. Flirt with him. Wear sexy outfit that reveal but do not expose everything. Make him hungry for you. If he is still a miserable log, ask him to meet you after work or shopping. When both of you reach home, strip seductively to provoke him. Make sure your kids are at your grandma's place.
4. Play the game of blindfold. Then take a piece of ice and let your mouth do the rest.

5. Use sexy double meanings that will make your husband blush. Use words like juicy, hard, soft and wet whenever both of you are together. You are not using really talking cheap but the tone and the effect of these words will make your husband know your intentions.

6. Get a lover, if your husband cannot perform. Comeon, dont your hormones matter? If there is a water shortage in your house, you surely have to go to some place where water supply exists. Still if you want to be committed, fantasise.... Your mind does not censor anything. Use the hottest sex organ that you have-the brain.

7. Read your husband a bed time story huskily. Soon he will rise to the occasion!

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